Commitment with the UN

August 2012 - Progress Report. Continuous Support Statement

At Capilatis S.A. we have adopted a set of basic values that guide our professional attitudes towards clients, suppliers and the community we are part of. We aim at setting the company apart from the other due to the quality of our products and our vocation for service, based on knowledge, dedication and unconditional respect. The conjunction of effort and teamwork allows us to organize, integrate and coordinate the resources to achieve development without losing sight of the harmony between strategies and knowledge, so that our human and material resources lead us to achieve our goals.
We believe that at Capilatis S.A. our actions cannot be restricted to offering goods and services and that we must include the social and environmental spheres where we belong.
Capilatis S.A. commitment with the social participation practices that we have begun during the last few years is particularly relevant since it may lead to important changes in society, a complementary aspect of the mission that drives and promotes our daily actions and that helps ensure the achievement of our strategic goals.

We are committed to disseminating respect for human rights, founded in human nature and that are inherent to all humans as a part of nature. It is our very human nature that provides entitlement to these universal rights, that cannot be violated or renounced, since they are connected to an ethics of freedom, equality and peace. In this regard, we have published in our corporate website ( the ten principles of the worldwide agreement, that describes the institutional actions that have made us part of this work philosophy.

Luís María Cavallo