Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple factors that may affect the physiology of hair:
Physiologic: pregnancy, breast-feeding, puberty, menopause.
Pathological: endocrine diseases, bad nutrition, circulatory pathologies.
Genetic: auto-immune diseases, androgenogenetic alopecia.
Toxicological: chemotherapy, radiotoxicity, hormonal drugs.
Behavioral: emotional shock, stress, depression.
The normal daily renewal is 50-100 hairs a day.
1) Wash with the CAPILATIS Nettle Shampoo most adequate for your hair type. Put Nettle Conditioner on hair and hair tips and rinse with abundant warm water.
2) Put the content of the Nettle Extract vial on your scalp and massage softly with your fingertips for a few minutes. Do not rinse. Repeat three times a week for a month.
3) During the second and third month of treatment (after the vials have been used) start using Nettle Tonic Lotion. Apply on your scalp and continue massaging. Do not rinse. Repeat three times a week for two months.
4) After completing the three-month treatment, continue using Nettle Shampoo and Conditioner for maintenance and prevention.
1) Place the tip of your fingers on the back of your head. Press softly and make round movements without rubbing hard.
2) With the same movement, move up the skull, always massaging your scalp.
3) Put your hands with intertwined fingers on the top of your skull. Move back and forth pressing on your scalp. It’s advisable to perform capillary massages daily for two minutes approximately.
Wash your hair as many times as necessary. The frequency must be dictated by the dirtiness of hair. Additionally, the frequency of washing has no effect on hair growth or loss.
The important fact to take into account to avoid damaging your hair or prevent your hair from getting used to hair loss is to use quality products.
Wash with a shampoo adequate for your hair and do not use conditioner. Dry your hair with a towel. Place the treatment lotion on your hair and hair tips and leave it for approximately 10 minutes. Rinse with abundant warm water.
Repeat once a week for 15 days.
Capilatis Treatments are made up of natural ingredients that protect hair cuticle, deeply nourish it and restore it from damaged caused by lack of hydration, hair coloring and thermal applications. Capilatis has an intensive treatment for each problem.