C-Style by Capilatis - Inspire your style

C-Style line by Capilatis allows you to create innovating styles any time, with professional quality products that protect your hair in each styling.

C-Style Curls Reactivator Cream

C-Style Curls Reactivator Cream

Defines curls in minutes.
Natural control for rebel hair.
Frizz reduction.
Its long-lasting effect formula was developed to hydrate and provide maximum protection for curly hair. Grants discipline, flexibility and elasticity on curls which highlights hair cut keeping its shape and enhancing its beauty. Helps styling making it easier to achieve natural look with an extraordinary shine. Controls frizz even in those damp days, creating a flawless style.

COD. 321 - BOTTLE 230 G
C-Style Protective Spray

C-Style Protective Spray

Protects hair from heat produced by brushing, hair straighteners and curlers
Restores and hydrates hair.
Helps to define style and reduces frizz.
Makes a protective film that keeps moisture, avoiding damage and cuticles to break. Its active ingredients have an outstanding restoring effect and provide the nutrients that could be lost during a heat application reinforcing the natural defenses. Grants excellent shine and reduces frizz, the reason why it is perfect to maintain styling and show a natural look.

COD. 325 - BOTTLE 110 ML
C-Style Definition Modeling Wax

C-Style Definition Modeling Wax

Defines and separates styling.
Complete control over unstructured cuts.
Allows separating hair and putting it back together with precision and control, defining a unique style. Its exclusively formula of soft waxed shine effect is great for all types of hair. It is perfect to design and shape original and unstructured styles of long-lasting effect, without turning hair heavy and sticky.

COD. 324 - JAR 55 G