Hair Lifting Effect: discover true hair rejuvenation

The Lifting Capilar from Capilatis® line produce visible results in fine, brittle, opaque and porous hair, damaged by chemical processes.

Brillo Extremo Shampoo

Shampoo with Hialuronic Acid

Hydrating and nurturing shampoo that deeply hydrates hair and provides essential nutrients. Soft, smooth shampoo that will make hair shine.

COD. 190 - BOTTLE 350 ML
Brillo Extremo Acondicionador

Conditioner with Hialuronic Acid

Deep hydrating and nurturing conditioner that intensely hydrates hair fibers providing them with essential nutrients while increasing its internal density. This formula conditions and disciplines hair without making it heavy, providing a soft and silky touch, with no frizz and intense gloss.

COD. 191 - BOTTLE 350 ML
Brillo Extremo Tratamiento

Hair Mask with Hialuronic Acid:

Intensive hair mask that will repair the hair from inside, making the cuticle smooth and increasing hair fiber. Intense hydro-nutritional effect that will ensure total frizz control resulting in flexible and disciplined hair.

COD. 192 - JAR 170 G
Brillo Extremo Ampolla

Densifying Hair Serum with Hialuronic Acid

Instant repairing and density increasing serum that fills the hair fiber from the inside sealing the cuticle flakes. Maximum frizz control resulting in fully luminous naturally looking hair.

COD. 193 - JAR 30 ML