Pure Blonde by Capilatis - What blondes want

Capilatis is fully aware of what blondes want. That is why it has created "Pure Blonde Line". These products bring out lost shine and vitality, enhancing highlights, keeping hair stronger, healthier and shinier. This line works by smoothing the hair shaft which increases softness and shine, deeply hydrating and moisturizing hair and replacing the essential oils that are lost during chemical processes and exposure to UV rays.
Specialy recommended for natural blonde or color treated hair.

Pure Blonde Bath of Light

Pure Blonde Bath of Light

It provides a shiny gloss and an immediate illuminating effect. Specifically designed for blonde hair, this “shock of light” irradiates light sparks that bring forth the golden highlights and its varied color palette. It allows the hair to regain strength, prolonging is natural balance and extending the color persistence. The hair shows its illuminated color with a renewed gloss, it becomes lighter and mirror-like. The balanced combination of innovative components reflect light with greater intensity, highlight the hair gloss and providing a satin-like texture that is both glossy and silky.
• Camomile: it gives the hair golden hues that enhance its golden highlights.
• Collagen: it provides immediate nutrition, contributes to hair hydration and flexibility, preserving color permanence.
• Silk Proteins: bring back the hair’s absolute gloss, softness and natural flexibility.

COD. 138 - BOTTLE 10 ML
Pure Blonde Illuminating Shampoo

Pure Blonde Illuminating Shampoo

Pure Blond Illuminating Shampoo removes the accumulated residues without damaging the hair fiber or changing the hair’s natural color. It provides deep and soft hygiene, illuminating and enhancing golden highlights. Made of:
• Camomile Extract: it gives the hair golden hues enhancing it color and gloss, without damaging it.
• Collagen: it re-structures and strengthens the hair fiber.
• Elastin: it provides immediate nutrition, improving hair resistance and elasticity.

COD. 115 - BOTTLE 420 ML
Pure Blonde Highlighter Conditioner

Pure Blonde Highlighter Conditioner

The Pure Blonde Illuminating Conditioner improves the hair’s appearance by providing a soft and silky texture that increases it luminosity, enhancing golden highlights. It nourishes and moisturizes the hair fiber, restoring hair quality damaged by chemical processes or by the effect of UV rays. Made with camomile extract, collagen and elastin (see shampoo).

COD. 116 - BOTTLE 420 ML
Pure Blonde Gloss Revealing Treatment

Pure Blonde Gloss Revealing Treatment

• It bathes the hair in an amazing gloss.
• It enhances golden highlights
• Hydrates and softens
The Gloss Revealing Treatment amplifies luminosity, enhances golden highlights and strengthens the hair, making up for the damage caused by chemical processes and UV rays. Made of:
• Camomile Extract: it provides golden hues enhancing the hair’s color and gloss.
• Siloxanes: they fix the hair gloss, providing great silkiness and a restoring effect.
• UV Filter: it protects hair from UV radiation, preventing premature aging.

COD. 136 - JAR 200 G
Pure Blonde Instant Clarity

Pure Blonde Instant Clarity

• It lightens hair color permanently.
• Enhances golden highlights
• Increases gloss
Its extra color lighting capacity provides the hair with an amazing instant clarity. The camomile natural extract has golden hues that enhance golden highlights and keep the hair’s clarity. This balanced and alcohol-free formula renders the hair soft, manageable and with a healthy-looking gloss.

COD. 117 - BOTTLE 250 ML
Pure Blonde Illuminating Hydrating Spray-No rinse

Pure Blonde Illuminating Hydrating Spray-No rinse

This is a bi-phase hair treatment. In its first stage, it nourishes and revitalizes the hair providing great softness and gloss. Additionally, it deeply hydrates it, enhancing blonde highlights and resulting in a fully illuminated hair. Made of:
Keratin: it rebuilds the damaged hair fiber structure, providing great resistance and reducing brittleness.
Camomile: it provides golden hues enhancing the hair’s gloss and color, preventing damage.

COD. 139 – BOTTLE 100 ML