The Company

CAPILATIS S.A. was created with the objective of becoming a top ranked company with solid professional goals in the creation and sales of high quality hair care products.

With the conviction that today's consumers choose products that meet their specific needs and expectations beyond the cost of such services, CAPILATIS offers solutions to suit every need.
This policy does not guarantee immediate results, but it certainly identifies a brand and ensures its growth and permanence in the market.

Today, the philosophy with whichCAPILATIS S.A. was created persists unchanged, the lines are growing and have become synonymous with high quality natural products for hair care and skin care.

The basic objectives of the company remain the same, as we look to penetrate new markets, maintaining the belief that consumers and suppliers are the cornerstone for this project, that was born many years ago in an old corner of Buenos Aires City.

CAPILATIS develops natural formulas adapted to the specific condition and needs for each hair and skin type, offering over 170 products of exclusive design.

CAPILATIS lines are formulated with a base of natural ingredients of proven efficiency and softness, which meet the highest standards of quality.

CAPILATIS products can be used daily, are designed with awareness and respect for ecology and are not tested on animals.

CAPILATIS is committed to the preservation of the environment and its ecosystems.

CAPILATIS is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.